We have several boats available for you:

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A very confortable and safe boat, ideal for sightseeing and relaxing in an intimate and unique atmosphere.

Manufacturer: Maril 725
Lenght: 7,25m
Width: 2,75m
Capacity: 9 persons + Skipper
Equipment: fridge, dining table, MP3


To enjoy a different day diving in the sea, a great lunch with friends or even to have a business meeting, this kind of boat is a good choice for you.
It offers dining space outside and inside and includes two decks with solarium, cabins and bathrooms.

Lenght: 11,8m
Capacity: 9 persons + Skipper

10 Yachts Grand Surprise

Perfect boats for small or big group events, such as corporate or recreative boat races.

Lenght: 10m
Capacity: 7 persons + Skipper


Speed boats, recomended for those who like strong emotions, speed and adrenaline.

Capacity: 11 persons + Skipper

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