A taste of Lisbon Spirit

Lisbon River Sights is the outcome of our passion for what we know to be most elusive and beautiful about Lisbon and our need to share it in the best way we know.

This project was born with the aim of providing visitors to the City of Light with an authentic, memorable and personal trip on “Vicente” – named after Lisbon’s Patron Saint, represented nationally by the crow of Cape Saint Vincent.
With us you will experience in a very relaxing way the many attractions the river has to offer you while enjoying a taste of some local flavour.
Our experienced skipper will guide you through the sights from the river – for centuries the way seafaring visitors saw Lisbon for the first time – and will make it as personal an experience as we can.

The trip will offer an unique view of the city’s cultural gems, reflected in the colour, sounds and smells of Lisbon’s domineering and vibrant river.

Join us and enjoy the real Lisbon!

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